Tenant Handbook

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Fire and Life Safety Systems

There are two (2) stairwells that provide direct access to the street level. These stairwells are designed to withstand fire for (2) hours. You should make yourself familiar with both exits.

Fireman's Control Center (FCC)
Fireman's Control Center is the security console located in the main lobby of the building. This center is monitored 24 hours a day. Once the Fire Department arrives on the scene, they will assume full responsibility for the situation.

Life safety system console
The life safety system console is also located in the main lobby and is monitored 24 hours a day.

Smoke detectors
Smoke detectors on each floor measure products of combustion. If a prescribed limit of combustion is exceeded, an alarm activates at the lobby's life safety system console and the audible alarm will sound on the activated floor. Smoke detectors are located in the elevator lobbies and around the floor.

Fire alarm boxes (Pull stations)
Located on each floor are three fire alarm pull stations, by the entrance to the exit stairwells. To activate, pull down on the faceplate and the alarm will sound. Proceed with evacuation procedures.

Ceiling mounted quick response sprinkler heads have been installed on all floors. When a sprinkler head is activated an alarm will sound.

Supply Fans
If smoke detectors are activated on an outside air supply fan, the fan will automatically shut down. They can be re-activated as required to clear air of smoke from the Fireman's Control Center in the lobby.

Emergency telephones
Red colored telephones are located in the stairwells, elevator lobbies and elevator cabs and are for emergency use only. In an emergency, dial "O" for assistance.

Fire cabinets
Four clearly identified fire cabinets are located on each floor. They each contain one ABC fire extinguisher and one 75 foot wet fire hose. (Fire hoses have been eliminated on fully sprinklered floors.) Do not attempt to fight a fire unless you are experienced in the use of a fire extinguisher or fire hose, and then only if the fire is small and confined, after calling 911. The fire extinguishers in common areas are maintained annually.

Fire extinguishers in tenant suites are the responsibility of the tenant and should be checked on a regular basis to ensure they are not expired. If you need assistance with your fire extinguisher, please submit a request in MRI Angus.

Emergency elevator controls
During a fire, elevators will be placed on fire recall and operated under the supervision of either the San Francisco Fire Department or building personnel. Upon indication at the security console of a fire, all elevators in the affected bank will return to the ground floor.

Public address system
Ceiling mounted public address speakers are located throughout the floor corridors, in the elevator lobbies and in the elevator cars, and on tenant floors. Their prime purpose is to alert, advise and control building occupants during an emergency.

Ceiling mounted signaling devices for the hearing impaired have been installed on recently all floors. Future strobes will be installed as the floors are remodeled.

Fire windows
Fire windows exist at pre-determined locations around the perimeter of each floor and are made of safety glass (break-away windows). These are ONLY for the Fire Department's use in an emergency. Each such window is marked with a red reflector button for easy recognition by the Fire Department and must be visible at all times. Tenants should not remove or tamper with these buttons. The tenant must notify the building office immediately if any of these reflectors are missing or displaced.

Fire alarm
If a fire alarm is activated on a tenant floor it will make an intermittent high-pitched sound like a siren. On remodeled floors a flashing strobe light will go off with the alarm. This is the signal that a water flow, manual pull station or smoke detector has been activated on the floor. The siren and flashing light will remain on until the cause setting off the signal has been removed and the system can be reset.


Exit Stairwells
The North stairwell is located on the northeast side of the building, exiting onto the plaza, loading dock area (Sacramento Street). The South stairwell is located on the southwest side of the building, exiting onto the plaza on California Street.

The smoke tower runs from the plaza level to the roof, adjacent to the north stairwell.

The garage exits up to the plaza from the north and south stairwells.

Smoke Detectors
There is a smoke detector in the passenger elevator lobby and in the freight elevator lobby of floors served by the low-rise and mid-rise elevator banks. There is a smoke detector in the passenger elevator lobby of floors served by the high-rise elevator bank.

Manual Pull Stations
Three (3) per floor located adjacent to stairwell exits.

Extinguisher Cabinets and Fire Hose: Four (4) per floor located on the interior corners of the core. On fully sprinklered floors the hoses have been removed.

Standpipes: Two (2) located in the building, in the north and south stairwells from the garage to the roof.

Speakers and Speaker Strobes
Speakers are located throughout the corridors and the garage. Speaker strobes are located in the elevator lobbies, restrooms and adjacent to the stairwell exits.

Fireman's Control Center (FCC) and Life Safety System Console: Both are located at the security console in lobby of the building.

Life Safety System: The Honeywell XLS alarm panel is located in the basement. A computer and printer that are connected to the system are on the 37th floor.

Assisting Visitors Unfamiliar with Building
Please be aware that if visitors are present during an emergency, your Emergency Team needs to assist the visitor in evacuating the premises. If a visitor sign-in sheet is maintained at your front desk, we suggest someone be assigned to bring that information to the Suite Monitor after evacuating the building in order to help facilitate an accurate head-count.

Above all, everyone involved needs to keep their own safety in mind and allow the Fire Department to take control.